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Keep Vehicles Under Your Control

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Track Everything On Garbage

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Track You Anywhere


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Soon, students follow the program

Fuel Consumption

Our products are built with the aim of fuel consumption which will benefit in your bussiness

Time Consumption

Time consumption are the major aspects of our product which will respond to your request time to time 

Location Retrive

Tracking location of the object is the main feature of our product which will give you the accurate location of the vehical anywhere in the world


Security level of our trac king device maintain with alert process unauthorized user can’t use it unless with the permission of administrator.

How GPS Vehicle Tracking Can Improve Your Business

Track Your Truck offers an efficient, effective vehicle tracking system for managing your business fleet. Vehicle Tracking Devices deliver real time information on the location, activity and mobile inventory of your vehicles to improve business performance and customer service. Track Your Truck vehicle tracking devices also provide valuable protections in the event of vehicle theft and recovery.

Track your truck benefits your entire management team

Our experiments have shown that the installation of vehicle tracking system increases the productivity of employees , including at least about 25% , which means an increase in sales and visits to customers and reduced complaints by 30% , and helps Jdicks system to dismiss maintenance costs and avoid technical problems by an alert and reminder integrated scheduling maintenance and renewal of securities system official

Competitive pricing. Customized services.
Track Your Truck Reliability and Radical Support

   Our prices and services are highly competitive and we work closely with our clients to provide the best solutions for your specific needs. So whether you have one vehicle to track or an entire fleet of local, regional or interstate commerce, Track Your Truck lets you focus on your business while GPS Vehicle Tracking keeps an eye on your mobile resources. Our vehicle tracking devices are installed on cars, trucks, buses, vans, trailers, construction equipment, boats, barges and almost any other mode of travel or utility vehicle that you may desire to monitor.
Give us a call and we’ll match your business needs with the right Track Your Truck technology and package. In a business climate where customers seems to expect more from your business every day, Track Your Truck can help you deliver on that promise and help you improve and grow your business in the key areas of transportation, delivery and customer service.

Efficiency, Profitability and Security with Tracking

   Today’s advanced tracking technology is continually helping improve businesses, as customers start expecting more when it comes to fast deliveries and on-time service.
Accurately predict arrival times for improved customer service
Reduce driver tardiness and provide faster pickups and deliveries
Better manage employee time and improve scheduling
Cut costs associated with fuel, vehicle wear and tear, and excessive idle time
Help locate and recover stolen vehicles
Resolve billing disputes

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