Vehicle Tracking

     Vehicle tracking systems allow you to manage the fleet of your business in detail in the comfort of your office. Use of global positioning systems (GPS) is to accurately track the movements of your vehicles in real time and relay the information to your PC.

Tracking systems of vehicles will change the way you use and monitor your vehicles business. Vehicle tracking systems in real time provide national and local maps detailed daily logs of vehicles and reports speed, mileage and fuel consumption

So if you have a fleet of 10 or 10,000 vehicles, a vehicle tracking system could be just what you need.


Garbage Collection And Fleet Management

     Waste and recycling management solution can help you automate job scheduling, increase efficiencies, and gain a competitive advantage


Child Tracking

     Comprehensive solution for parents to know or notified their children’s every movement from the moment of entering into school bus,entering into school and to all way to the return to their homes

Diesel generator Tracking And Management

     Efficient web solution to track and mange diesel generator along with generator preventive maintenance and full fledged alert solution including diesel low level and shutdown alerts

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